Tube Testers

B&K 607 – 667 Tube Tester

This article discusses the solid-state B&K 607 / 667 tube testers.  Both models use the same tube setup data book, and therefore both models are functionally equivalent.  Model 607 will be example shown in this article.  Electrical voltages are present, repairs should only be attempted by a qualified technician. Copyrighted, all rights reserved. This series […]

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Mercury Tube Testers

This article will discuss Mercury tube testers. The Mercury Electronics Corporation of Mineola NY produced a number of tube testers in the 1960s.  All models are small, portable, and lightweight.  Popular models include 990, 1000 / 2000, 1100, 1100A, 1100C, 1101.  Models and comments will be added as I find time.   Electrical voltages are

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