FOR SALE rebuilt Heathkit IG-72 Audio Generator

beautiful and rebuilt HEATHKIT IG-72 Audio Generator$139 free ship inside continental USA

Here is a Heathkit IG-72 audio sine-wave generator, ideal for testing tube audiophile amps and guitar amps. This is a quality model that has an excellent low distortion sine wave for tube amp testing. And beautiful original cosmetics.

Rebuilt electronics, consisting of:

  • new capacitors (including correct orientation of caps regarding foil side of the caps)
  • upgraded the 5k-20W resistor to a 50W surface-mounted unit, for cool operation
  • meter smoothing capacitor
  • many resistors replaced to bring circuit into excellent overall accuracy
  • clean sine wave on all frequencies.
  • 3 wire grounded line cord installed to meet modern safety standards

I have attempted to photograph the sine wave below.  The sine wave looks better in-person than the photos show because my  camera has a tendency to bloom the scope trace.  (Photography is not my specialty!)

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Heathkit IG72 audio generator $139 free ship USA


FOR SALE: beautiful Heathkit FM Deviation meter

beautiful Heathkit FM Deviation Meter model IM-4180, with nice original manual. $139, includes free shipping inside USA (lower 48-states only).

Heathkit FM Deviation meter $139 free ship USA

See photos, this is a real beauty, I doubt that it ever saw much — if any — usage. This came directly from an estate of Heathkit collector. It seems that he bought stuff and most of his gear looked that it was seldom, if ever, used. My opinion.

Does NOT include the DC power supply power pack, but any modern power pack of correct DC voltage and current will suffice, or it says that you can run it on batteries.

I have NOT tested the unit nor done ANYTHING to it. Not even any cleaning! Exactly as found, beautiful as you see it.

Since the unit is approx 40 years old, repairs may be required.

Click thumbnails for larger photo.



For sale – serviced HEATHKIT Capaci-Tester IT-22

For sale – serviced HEATHKIT Capaci-Tester IT-22 – $59, free ship USA lower 48 states.

This IT-22 Heathkit Capaci-Tester checks many values of caps in-circuit for shorts or opens. Google a manual if you want to read about it.

Heathkit Capaci-Tester IT22 $59 free ship USA

Unit has been expensively serviced — new caps installed (foil-polarity has been observed), many resistors replaced, and a good 1629 eye tube has been installed.  New line cord installed. X1Y2 safety line cap installed.

Tested and known to work well.  Does NOT include test leads or manual.  The manual is easily found with a google search, and test leads can be anything regular that you already have on your test bench.



FOR SALE- Philco 20 Deluxe cathedral tube radio

Here is a gorgeous PHILCO model 20 DELUXE tube cathedral radio.

This radio is from my own personal collection.  I have owned it for close to 30 years.

Price is $225 + shipping (or pickup).  Working condition.  Awesome cosmetics in my opinion, a real beauty.  (Output tubes and rectifier tube will be different from the ones you see in the photo.)

Safer double-boxing of this radio will end up making the shipping cost somewhat expensive (due to the weight of the radio and the resulting large size of the outer shipping box.)  If you are a penny-pincher regarding shipping costs, then this item is not up your alley.

Q&A regarding different micromhos scores

Hey Tubesound,

Hoping you can answer a question for me. I have an Amplitrex and a TV-7D/U tube tester.  The Amplitrex tests a 12ax7 as new at 1600GM.  According to your TV7 GM calculator, I believe that should translate to 64 on the TV meter.  However, when I test the same 12ax7 on my TV-7 the meter only hits 42.  Does it sound like my TV7 needs some calibrating or am I missing something? Hope you can help and thanks for the great calculator.

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