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FOR SALE- Philco 20 Deluxe cathedral tube radio

Here is a gorgeous PHILCO model 20 DELUXE tube cathedral radio.

This radio is from my own personal collection.  I have owned it for close to 30 years.

Price is $225 + shipping (or pickup).  Working condition.  Awesome cosmetics in my opinion, a real beauty.  (Output tubes and rectifier tube will be different from the ones you see in the photo.)

Safer double-boxing of this radio will end up making the shipping cost somewhat expensive (due to the weight of the radio and the resulting large size of the outer shipping box.)  If you are a penny-pincher regarding shipping costs, then this item is not up your alley.

the Crosley Auto Expressionator circuit

In the 1930s, Crosley designed a tone-volume expander circuit that would, in theory, add fidelity to the music that you were receiving from over-the-air radio AM transmitters.  The circuit was said to boost the bass and expand the volume.  It was used in some of their better 1930s Crosley console radios that are popular with radio collectors today.

I have no personal experience with the circuit because I do not service or work on Crosley radios, but a good friend of mine that services antique radios says that the circuit adds nothing of practical value and is tantamount to an early example of tech-snakeoil.  Looking at the schematic, I am inclined to agree, but without any actual hands-on experience with the circuit, I would not want to prejudge it.

For those of you either servicing one of these radios, or who enjoy reading about esoteric circuit designs of yesteryear, [ this article ] from National Radio News, July 1936 issue, will be a good read.  I scanned this article and cleaned it up with Photoshop as a courtesy to my readers.

Kennedy model 62LS console radio

Early this year I found this vintage Colin B. Kennedy Corp radio. Model 62LS lowboy console with model 54A shortwave unit. I recently finished rebuilding this radio. It is available for purchase (local pickup preferred, but crating and shipping can be arranged but will be quite expensive). It would make a beautiful addition to any old home or turn-of-the-century mansion. This beautiful antique radio is more than a radio — it is a beautiful piece of furniture as well. Colin B. Kennedy Corp marketed themselves as the “The Royalty of Radio”, and the high quality craftsmanship is readily apparent.

Colin B. Kennedy Corp model 62LS lowboy console radio with model 54A shortwave unit.

This is actually the second Kennedy console radio in my collection.


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