Let me share a few notes about us…

  • Since 1990, personal collector of tubes, antique jukeboxes, and vintage tube amps.
  • Since 1992, we have traded in popular magazines, including Always Jukin, Antique Radio Classified, Gameroom Magazine, and Amateur Radio Trader.
  • TubeSound.com site opened January 1999. We have a verified Business-level account at PayPal.
  • Since 1998, we have sold tube audio items on eBay and have achieved more than 25,000+ positive feedbacks.
  • We focus on Quality. Many people sell tubes, but few people consistently deliver top-quality tubes. Our public reputation speaks for itself.
  • Items have been CAREFULLY tested (unless the description clearly says otherwise). Our tubes are often DOUBLE tested for both Mutual Conductance and Emission results, and also without shorts or leakage. Tube pins are ALWAYS clean and polished, both new and used tubes, which means no rust, no oxidation, no poor continuity.
  • We strive to work 365 days/yr.  No kidding.
  • Orders are shipped FAST, usually same-day, often within a few hours of placing the order.

In October 2007, we have switched our website to a blog format. If you have a constructive comment about one of our blog posts, please share it with us. If I feel the comment adds constructive knowledge to the subject, I will happy to add it to the post.

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