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FOR SALE Sencore The Substitutor RC167 substitution box

FOR SALE: Sencore The Substitutor RC167 deluxe “best of best” substitution box, like-new, with original box, manual, and paperwork!

Sencore RC167 substitutor 139.99 free ship USA

Yes, this is the probably the finest substitution box you will find, and here is it, made in USA, like-new, with original box, manual, test leads, and paperwork!

$139.99, includes shipping USA.

Due to age, some internal components (such as, for example, the electrolytic caps section, or some of resistors) may need replacedThat is expected for any substitution box of this vintage.

RC167 Deluxe Substitution box, CLICK TO ENLARGE

4 separate substitution sections, each can be operated simultaneously (extra test leads would be required)

– standard resistor sub

– high wattage Wire Wound resistor sub

– regular capacitors and rectifier sub

– high-voltage Electrolytic capacitor sub


Q&A regarding different micromhos scores

Hey Tubesound,

Hoping you can answer a question for me. I have an Amplitrex and a TV-7D/U tube tester.  The Amplitrex tests a 12ax7 as new at 1600GM.  According to your TV7 GM calculator, I believe that should translate to 64 on the TV meter.  However, when I test the same 12ax7 on my TV-7 the meter only hits 42.  Does it sound like my TV7 needs some calibrating or am I missing something? Hope you can help and thanks for the great calculator.


Q&A regarding HP Officejet R-series repair

Q&A regarding HP Officejet R-series repair:


I have your article on “Repairing HP Officejet R-series”.  I used it several years ago; cleaning  the mirror fixed the problem.

I’ve lost flexible use of my hands so I wanted to get someone to do the service (suspect it needs cleaning and new bulb).  Local repair services refuse to work on ink jets.

Do you have a recommendation for help in the south NJ area?

Thanks, Jim


repair broken TP-Link TD-8616 ADSL modem

If you are trying to fix a TP-Link TD-8616 modem, chances are good that this is your problem.

On May 21, 2012, I purchased from Newegg a new TP-Link ADSL TD-8616 DSL modem to replace a very old Westell modem that was supplied by Verizon. At that time, the reviews for this product were overwhelming positive. Less than two years later, this TP-Link modem is already broken, and I see that recent reviews are more up and down.

Simply put, this modem had garbage capacitors, which is a common quality-control manufacturing problem with modern electronics.

Symptoms: for the past several months, connection was erratic, sync erratic, speeds fluctuating. Unable to connect to modem admin via TCP-IP.

Repair was as follows: (more…)

Vintage Advertising page

On this page, you will find PDF’s that I create from my own collection of vintage advertising for tube amps, speakers, test equipment, microphones, etc.  The ads often provide production specs and other useful information.


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