We have a large selection of manuals, tube tester supplement charts, and other paperwork available for sale. Most of these items are listed in our eBay storefront

SUPERIOR QUALITY — All service / instruction manuals, tube setup charts, or other paperwork that we sell are real paper (no digital downloads), created from our own factory original paperwork.  They have been high-resolution 600dpi scanned, every page manually cleaned up with photo editing software, any text/chart mistakes that we are aware of have been corrected, and the final document is laser printed for excellent readability. It is rare to find even a stray mark or fuzzie in one of my documents.  They often look better than original.

Heavy grade card stock is used for front & back covers to add a professional vintage look and better durability.  All pages printed 8.5 x 11 inch page size and comb bound.  All pages and covers are black print,  no color.

Safe shipping includes mailing the document(s) in a brand-new bubble mailer.

Below is a list of manuals and paperwork available. Most are listed in our eBay storefront inventory — just click on the company name below to be taken directly to our storefront for that brand. If you do not find the item in our eBay store, please email for price.

  • Accurate Instrument Co: Tube tester 151, 157, 257. Utility tester 161.
  • B&K: Tube tester 500, 550, 600, 607, 650, 700, 707, 747 & 747B  (includes modern 1983 chart!). Capacity Analyzer 801 .
  • Conar: Signal Tracer 231.
  • EICO: Tube tester 667. Stereo preamp HF-85. FM Tuner HFT-90. Amplifier HF-35. Multiplex Autodapter MX99. Capacitor Tester 950A (resistance-capacitance-comparator bridge). Oscilloscope 460. Signal Tracer 147. Signal Generator 324. Sine & Square Wave Audio Generator 377.  High Fidelity AM Tuner model HFT-94.  Dual 14-watt Hi-Fi Stereo Amp-Preamp model HF-81.  Grid Dip Meter 710.  Regulated Power Supply model 1030.
  • EMC: Tube Tester 213 / 215.
  • Fisher: Master control amplifier X-101.
  • Hickok: VTVM model 209B.  Tube tester models:  123 Cardmatic, 510X, 530, 530B, 532, 533, 533A, 534, 600A, 605A, 750, 752, 799 (with CA-99 adapter setup data), 800 (with CA-4 adapter setup data), 800A, 800K, 6000.
  • Jackson: Tube tester 634, 635, 637.
  • Knight: Tube Tester 600, 600A, 600B. Amplifier 83-Y-784
  • LaFayette: Tube Tester TE-15, TE-50, 99-5012.
  • Marantz: Console preamplifier 7. Amplifier 9.
  • McIntosh: Amplifier MC-60. MR-55 tuner.
  • Mercury: Tube tester 990, 1100, 1100A, 1100C, 1101.
  • NRI: National Radio Institute tube tester model 70.
  • Olson: Tube tester KB-142.
  • Precision (PACO): Tube Tester 10-12, 10-15.  Signal Generator G-30, G-30PC.   Capacitor tester C-25 / C-25W.
  • Pyramid: Capacitor Tester CRA-2.
  • Rockola: Jukebox 1422, 1426.
  • Seco: Tube Tester 88.
  • Sencore: Tube tester MU140, MU150 TC28, Mighty Mite TC130, TC136, TC142, TC154, TC162 .
  • Simpson: Tube tester 1000.
  • Sprague: Tel-Ohmike TO-3, TO-4, TO-5 Telohmike.
  • Superior: TV-12, TW-11
  • Sylvania: Tube Tester 219 & 220 (includes 1966 and 1967 chart supplements). Model 620 (includes calibration instructions and obsolete tube data chart supplement).
  • Wurlitzer: Jukebox 1015 OMT CD, Jukebox OMT Vinyl (45-rpm).

We also have several good tutorials / course lessons:

  • Vacuum Tube Amplifiers: US Army Signal School lesson that teaches how vacuum tubes amplify, the necessity and effect of Bias, and stage coupling. 38 pages, quality primer on the subject.  $10 + ship.
  • Learn to Use TV-7 Tube Tester: US Army Signal School lesson teaches how to properly use TV-7 tube tester. Teaches the control functions, explains the data book, and gives detailed examples of testing several different tubes. Includes micromhos conversion chart.  This is a Course Lesson — this is not a tube setup chart, roll chart, or schematic. $9.99 + ship.
  • Learn to Align Tube Radios: 2 parts – the first lesson teaches basic AM Alignment procedure, and the second lesson is more advanced, teaching Alignment methods when you do not have the manufacturer data. 18-pages.  $9 + ship.