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Kenwood KT-917 FM Stereo Tuner

Kenwood KT-917 FM Stereo Tuner

Kenwood KT-917 Pulse Count Detector FM tuner

Some people believe that the Kenwood KT-917 is the finest FM tuner that was ever manufactured. This is truly the cream of the crop. Pulse Count Detector, high build quality, Made in Japan.

A fellow in my community decided to trade-in this KT-917 for some quality tube audio gear. He had his eye on some nice tube gear in my collection, and his KT-917 needed repaired for quite a long time. Since he was currently more enthused with rediscovering his music tastes (vinyl and CD), he decided to forego repair and trade for tube gear.

Repairing the KT-917 was straightforward. The tuner was not decoding, and some quick troubleshooting revealed a defective MC1496 IC, which is a Balanced Modulator-Demodulator designed for FM detection.


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