Mighty Mite finding more shorts

A quick example where a Sencore Mighty Mite (here, a TC28) finds a defect in a 12FV7 that the BK 707 (in the Jet-Test upper panel) cannot find the defect.

Short on Pin 8 (Cathode of Triode #2)
Bk 707 Jet-Test socket does not see the defect (SHORTS test button)
Bk 707 Jet-Test socket does not see the defect (GRID LEAK test button). Since this is a cathode defect, this grid leakage test result is correct — the defect is NOT a grid leakage issue. Just showing this to demonstrate the defect is not found with either the Shorts Test or Grid Leakage test.

If you read my previous blog post, the test setup data for 12FV7 is faulty. With my corrected setup data, this defect is now found. That said, finding this defect is simply due to it being tested in the bottom panel. Had this defect been in a 12AX7, 12AU7, 12BH7, or other tube that is acceptably tested in socket #8, this defect would have gone unnoticed.

This is yet another example of Mighty Mites having superior shorts and leakage tests.

Anyway, for completeness, here is a photo of the defect being found when tested in the bottom panel using my corrected setup data for 12FV7.

Defect at pin 8 is found when testing this 12FV7 tube in the bottom panel.