Jackson 561 Tube Tester

This article will discuss repair and calibration of the Jackson 561 tube tester. High voltages are present, repairs should only be attempted by a qualified technician. Copyrighted, all rights reserved. Introduction The Jackson 561 appears to be a rare (uncommon) model. Very little documentation exists, and I have seen only a small number of them […]

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B&K 700 & 707 tube tester

©2008, Bob Putnak.  All rights reserved.  This article discusses the B&K 707 Dyna-Jet Dynamic Mutual Conductance tube tester, including repair and calibration. The discussion is also relevant to the B&K 700 (the 700 is almost identical except for socket configuration) and some of the information is applicable to the B&K 650. The B&K 707 tube

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