B&K 600-606 tube tester

This article discusses repair and calibration of the B&K 600 / 606  tube testers.  Both models can share the same tube setup data book, and therefore both models are functionally equivalent.    Model 606 will be example shown in this article.  Electrical voltages are present, repairs should only be attempted by a qualified technician. Copyrighted 2010 TubeSound, all rights reserved.

Cosmetically, these models look like a little brother to their larger siblings — B&K 700 and B&K 707. Model 600 shares the same color scheme with Model 700, and model 606 shares the same color scheme as model 707. The wood case construction is similar also.

Electrically, models 600 and 606 are very similar (though not identical) to the “Switch” section (bottom panel) of the 700 / 707, employing the same grid leakage test and very similar tests for Emission Quality and Shorts.


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