my tube tester collection

Today was my annual warehouse spring cleaning day, so it was a good opportunity to take a “family photo” of my tube tester collection.    My collection changes all the time, sometimes daily.    I did include all of the models that I use everyday for tube sales and bench servicing, and also models that I “rotate in” regularly to keep familiar with them.  Many of these are a permanent part of my collection, others will be repaired/calibrated and sold to customers who want a quality tester that works great.

TubeSound tester collection as of April 2010

Columns are numbered left to right and models listed from top to bottom:

  • Column 1: B&K 707. Jackson 648 early tweed case version, Precision 620, Simpson 555, EMC 206, Sencore Continental MU140, Jackson 648R, Simpson 330, B&K 700
  • Column 2: Hickok 532, Precise 111 Mutual Conductance, Knight 600B, Hickok 800, Sencore TC28 Hybrider, B&K 550, B&K 747, Hickok 800, Simpson 1000, Hickok 533
  • Column 3: US military I-177-B, US military I-177, Hickok 6000A, Precision 10-40, Knight 600C, Triplett 3423, Jackson 648S, B&K 707, Jackson 648A, B&K 707
  • Column 4: US military I-177-B, US military I-177-B, US military TV-7D/U, B&K 700, B&K 700, B&K 500, B&K 700, Precision 640, Heathkit TC1, US military I-177-B, Jackson 637
  • Column 5: Mercury 1000, Eico 625, Heathkit IT-21, Sylvania 620, B&K 550, B&K 700, B&K 700, Jackson 648-S, mint Western Electric KS-15560-L2, Heathkit IT-17, Supreme 550
  • Column 6: Eico 666, Precision 612, Eico 667, Precision 10-12, Eico 666, Precision 10-12, Jackson 598, Philco 9100
  • Column 7: B&K 747B, Sencore TC28 Hybrider, Sylvania 220, Accurate Instruments 151, Jackson 648, Jackson 648-S, Hickok 533A
  • Column 8: Hickok 6000A, US military TV-10D/U, US military TV-7A/U, Hickok 6000, B&K 707, NRI Professional 70, Jackson 561, Sencore MU150
  • Column 9: B&K 707, Hickok 533, Hickok 533, Hickok 539A, Hickok 752

One nice thing about having a large personal collection is that it makes easier troubleshooting of strange wiring problems in a customer’s tester that they have sent for repair. Being able to quickly examine another unit is often much faster than tracing the circuit. It is also nice to have another unit to compare, especially if I suspect that a component may have been replaced many years ago with a non-factory part.