Q&A regarding HP Officejet R-series repair

Q&A regarding HP Officejet R-series repair:


I have your article on “Repairing HP Officejet R-series”.  I used it several years ago; cleaning  the mirror fixed the problem.

I’ve lost flexible use of my hands so I wanted to get someone to do the service (suspect it needs cleaning and new bulb).  Local repair services refuse to work on ink jets.

Do you have a recommendation for help in the south NJ area?

Thanks, Jim

Hi Jim,

Sorry, I do not know anyone doing these repairs due to three issues:

1)  It is hard to charge a fair price for the time and expertise, while still finding a price that the customer also feels is fair.  Customers regularly see for sale “$29 multifunction machines” that are brand new, and they feel that is competition.  You and I know that these new multifunction units will cost the customer a lot more money in the long run, but unsophisticated buyers think short-term.

2) The demand for this service is low.  Most people only realize that they were better off with the old unit AFTER they got rid of it.  Now they discover how bloated the new unit’s drivers are and how expensive their printing has become.  By then, it’s too late.

3) No modern PCs have built-in Parallel ports, so the customer needs a USB adapter to enable printing.  Futhermore,  no version of Windows after Vista has scanner drivers for this unit, which then relegates the scanner to being only a photocopier for the user, without ability to scan into PC.  Obviously this was intentional castration by HP & Microsoft, to encourage upgrading to the new machines.

Therefore, this makes the Officejet refurb a D-I-Y project in most situations.  I have done them for a quite a lot of customers, typically at $65 including the price of the new bulb.  But less people ask me for this service every year, which shows that less and less of the machines are remaining in use.  The lure of buying “new” is very enticing.

With the advent of Windows 10 and my universally poor experience with it on 3 of my PCs, I think the next version of this “topic” is that savvy (non-gamer) users will keep their XP, Vista SP2, Win7, and Win8.1 machines going for as long as possible.

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