For sale – serviced HEATHKIT Capaci-Tester IT-22

For sale – serviced HEATHKIT Capaci-Tester IT-22 – $59, free ship USA lower 48 states.

This IT-22 Heathkit Capaci-Tester checks many values of caps in-circuit for shorts or opens. Google a manual if you want to read about it.

Heathkit Capaci-Tester IT22 $59 free ship USA

Unit has been expensively serviced — new caps installed (foil-polarity has been observed), many resistors replaced, and a good 1629 eye tube has been installed.  New line cord installed. X1Y2 safety line cap installed.

Tested and known to work well.  Does NOT include test leads or manual.  The manual is easily found with a google search, and test leads can be anything regular that you already have on your test bench.



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