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Hickok 209A VTVM

Hickok 209A VTVM

Hickok 209A large-dial VTVM – $69, AS-IS, free ship USA

If you want a VTVM to add to your bench or vintage test equipment collection, then here is one of the best, a vintage Hickok 209A. Features a huge dial — one of the largest you will find. A friend of mine, a technician for more than 40 years with his own repair shop, has used a 209A as his primary everyday meter for that entire time, 6 days a week, for four decades.  Seriously.

This unit is original, all caps inside are original and will need replaced (many are the early wax caps). Also, the two D-cell batteries for the ohm function were left in there, until I removed them today, so that battery area has corrosion and will need to be cleaned & polished. No probes, no manual.

Since the unit has all original wax caps and original electrolytics, I have not tested it. Sells as-found. The unit was found from a guy that had a serious home repair shop, and this was his meter during those years. No reason to believe that it needs anything more than a standard rebuild that would be typical of any 60+ year old item.

Sells AS-IS, no warranty expressed or implied.


Hickok 209A vtvm AS-IS $69 free ship USA

Hickok 209A vtvm AS-IS $69 free ship USA


precise111professional PRECISE 111 Mutual Conductance and Emission tube tester, AS-IS, $229 free ship USA

This tester is not serviced, therefore repairs and/or calibration will be required. Sold AS-IS. Case is missing leather handle.

True high-end professional tube tester.  Just about as “high-end” as you can find among vintage USA testers.   Precise 111 tube tester. Mutual Conductance and Emission testing.  Selectable plate voltage & screen voltage, variable grid bias, and panel meter reads operating voltages so that you can make voltage adjustments on the fly for most accurate test. Probably the best tube tester that you may not have heard of. A bargain among tube testers, assuming you are willing and skilled enough to do a standard service job on it.

I removed and tested the panel meter for correct mV at full scale, then reinstalled.  The tester also has a new grounded line cord, and several caps were replaced with new.

I do not repair Precise models because I do not see them often enough to invest the time to become highly knowledgeable about them. If you want to invest the effort to service/calibrate, this Precise tester has a lot of “specs” that are impressive:

  • variable plate voltage
  • variable screen voltage
  • variable bias, 0-10v and 0-50v
  • ability to test both Gm and Em for applicable tubes
  • metered Bias to verify that you are applying correct bias voltage according to setup chart
  • metered Line voltage
  • gas test

You can download the manual and service information at this LINK.  Take the effort to read that manual, and you will see that this is quite an impressive and extremely professional tube testing instrument.  Well worth the effort if you plan to keep the tester for yourself.  The manual also has detailed calibration procedure.

Photo #1 below shows testing of a russian 6L6 (test score is high, illustrating need for calibration/servicing.  Tube not included).  No further or extensive testing was performed.  Photo #2 shows the inside.

Precise 111 tube tester AS-IS $249 free ship USA

Precise 111 tube tester AS-IS $229 free ship USA



Knight deluxe substitution box

Knight deluxe substitution box

Knight deluxe Resistor-Capacitor Substitution box, real nice model – $49.99 free ship USA

Very good condition. This is an excellent choice for any technician.

  • Dual simultaneous operation – you can use the Resistor side and the capacitor side at the same time!
  • 36 resistor substitution options (each at 1W or better) from 15 ohms to 10-Meg
  • 18 capacitor substitution options from 100pf to .22uf
  • Silicon diode substitution
  • 40uf @ 450v electrolytic filter capacitor substitution

I have checked out the entire box, and all values are within common-sense tolerance in my opinion.  I also replaced several of the capacitors with new, and installed a new 40uf @ 450v filter cap.  Cleaned the box inside & out.  Cleaned switches.  Resoldered quite a number of bad solder joints.  Installed 2 nice sets of heavy duty vintage USA test leads (alligator ends).  Size dimensions: (approx) 7.5 x 8.5 x 3 inches.

Knight R-C substitution box

Knight R-C substitution box – $49.99 free ship USA


massive 45A filament transformer

massive 45A filament transformer

powerful 45-AMP Filament transformer 6v – $39 free ship USA

Here is a whopper for your tube projects! A massive 45-amp filament transformer. Nominal input 115vac, nominal output 6.5vac @ 45A. Want to build a massive tube warmer/heater? Now is your chance. With this transformer, you can power the filaments of almost *50* (yes, fifty…) 6L6 tubes at the same time! Size: approx 4L x 3.25W x 4.5H inches.


Filament transformer 45A - $44 free ship USA

Filament transformer 45A – $39 free ship USA



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