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Tube Testers and Test Equipment


Quality Test Instruments for Technicians or Hobbyists

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EICO 950B R-C professional Capacitor Tester $239 free ship USA

Eico 950B pro cap tester

We went ~overboard! to rebuild & calibrate this Professional Eico Capacitor Tester, one of the BEST cap testers available! Made in the USA, “the best” Working Condition, Easy-to-Use MAGIC EYE TUBE operation.

If you are the type of person who BUYS QUALITY and is willing to pay a higher price for that degree of excellence, then this Cap Tester is what you want.

Why? Well, we went “overboard” in rebuilding this unit!

Eico 950B Cap Tester $239 free ship USA

The following features are above-and-beyond a stock rebuild, suitable for people who WANT THE BEST. If you are simply a price-shopper looking for a cheap tester, then this is not for you.

  • High precision (1% or better) reference capacitors installed
  • Line fuse installed internally
  • computer grade 3-wire grounded line cord installed
  • magic eye tube installed with excellent brightness
  • brand-new alligator test leads included

No junk here…only the best. This capacitor tester has been professionally repaired and calibrated by us, and with the added extra precision calibration and additional features as described above. Works awesome, looks fabulous. Just what you need to help repair those jukebox amps and other tube amps, antique radios, etc.

up to 500v leakage test voltage

This is a vintage American-made Eico Capacitor tester. This is a true “load” tester, and can put up to 500 Volts to the capacitor under test for a true load leakage test. This photo shows the power of this unit, showing the load voltage at max setting as read by my Fluke voltmeter. (Fluke meter is not part of this sale and is shown to demonstrate unit functionality).

This is the BEST type of test for any capacitor because it uses realistic voltages that the capacitor must be able to handle. Usage is rather common-sense — this is an out-of-circuit capacitor tester, not an in-circuit tester. I have an article discussing usage here on my website, and a copy of usage instructions will be provided.

Since this tester outputs high voltages, do not buy this type of test equipment if you lack the repair skills to use it properly.

See additional photos:

testing precision 2uf cap

testing precision .02uf cap

testing precision 200pf cap

testing precision 2k resistance

testing leaky capacitor – eye closed

testing cap that has no leakage – eye open

This is a Premium Quality, professionally repaired and calibrated cap tester, and is very useful for anyone repairing vintage tube equipment, such as Tube Amps, old jukeboxes, antique radios, etc. Top Quality here!

Additional cabinet photos:


B&K Precision Solid State E200D Signal Generator, serviced and calibrated – $199.99 free ship USA

BK Precision E200D signal generator

BK Precision E200D signal generator

Here is a quality test instrument, a B&K Precision model E200D signal generator. I have serviced this unit and also performed a very reasonable calibration, of which the process is rather complex and extensive. No probes/cables/test-leads included. Manual is readily available for download.

If you service RF (radios, receivers, AM/FM, communication receivers, etc) this is one of the best Sig Gens you will buy.



BK Precision E200D Signal Generator $199.99 free ship USA

BK Precision E200D Signal Generator $199.99 free ship USA


massive 45A filament transformer

massive 45A filament transformer

powerful 45-AMP Filament transformer 6v – $39 free ship USA

Here is a whopper for your tube projects! A massive 45-amp filament transformer. Nominal input 115vac, nominal output 6.5vac @ 45A. Want to build a massive tube warmer/heater? Now is your chance. With this transformer, you can power the filaments of almost *50* (yes, fifty…) 6L6 tubes at the same time! Size: approx 4L x 3.25W x 4.5H inches.


Filament transformer 45A - $44 free ship USA

Filament transformer 45A – $39 free ship USA



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