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Sherwood S-2200 tuner

Sherwood S-2200 tuner

Sherwood S-2200 Stereo tube tuner – $40 + UPS Ground shipping

Looks very nice in my opinion.

Exactly as found.

Untested, assume that repairs and/or alignment may be required. AM and FM bands.

Huge bargain for the price.




LaFayette LA-224A tube stereo amp

LaFayette LA-224A tube stereo amp

LaFayette LA-224A stereo tube amp – $269 free ship USA.

I think this little Japanese-made stereo tube amp is in beautiful cosmetic condition.  Previous owner REALLY took effort to keep it looking as close to new as possible.

I made some basic repairs to it.  It needed some caps replaced (regular and electrolytic), so it has a lot of new caps now.  Controls and switches were sprayed with Deoxit.  New polarized line cord installed.  New 2A GE inrush current limiter installed.

The installed tubes are a variety of original Japanese-made and some American tubes that were installed at some time in the past.  The 5AR4 has been replaced with a plug-in solid-state replacement using ultra-fast UF4007 diodes.  It also uses 4 of EL84-6BQ5 (2 per channel as outputs), and 5 of 12AX7 (2 are used for phono only).  These tubes are installed and included except, as noted, no 5AR4.  The volume control is what you find on many 60s Japanese amps — it is not ganged — so the volume for each channel is rotated separately.  I actually prefer this setup vs having a separate balance control, but I suppose some people prefer the more traditional ganged stereo volume control that adjusts both channels simultaneously.

Lafayette LA-224A amp - $269 free ship USA

Lafayette LA-224A amp – $269 free ship USA

The amp sounds very good now in my opinion, and distortion is less than 1% at approx 10 watts/ch output as measured by my distortion meter.  In my opinion, you should strongly consider installing new tubes for significantly better performance — I would recommend new EL84 outputs and if possible, new 12ax7 tubes would be nice, too.  The amp is cathode biased.  It has 3 inputs (AUX – TUNER – PHONO) and output impedance is switchable 8/16 ohms.  The power switch is original push-button, and occasionally is a little touchy.  Since this was only a standard repair and not a “complete rebuild”, I am not offering any warranty.  Overall, a very attractive and solid stereo tube amp.




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